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 News    |      2019-10-14

Fund performance

Cryptographic currency transactions become easier than funds and safer than cryptocurrency trading venues

Bitcoin prices rose more than 10,000% Bitcoin funds were incorporated in 2012. A year later,

 its profitability was the highest among all hedge funds in history, reaching a return rate of 4,847%.

In 2017, the fund's performance exceeded its past performance, with a return rate of 10,262%.

Your brokerage account trade has all major cryptocurrencies
In 2017, we launched 5 emerging cryptocurrency funds

Get good returns from lower risk cryptocurrency funds


Your money security


The cryptocurrency of the easy trading platform has the most appropriate rules.


Simultaneous trading of stocks, bonds and other assets in the same trading account

A single account access to approximately 50,000 financial instruments in more than 50 international 

markets: stocks, bonds, funds, derivatives and commodities.

Risk monitoring and order execution through web, desktop and mobile.

FIX trading API, real-time market data transfer through API

How to use the easy to invest in cryptocurrency

Mainly all major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero

Trade quickly, simply, safely and at very low commissions.

Initial subscription

You can start a cryptocurrency fund transaction from 1 encrypted coin. The minimum amount required for an easy-to-play 

personal account is 10,000 Euros; the institutional account is 50,000 Euros. 

Easy to go to the stage will charge a subscription fee of 0.5% of the order amount.

Custody and administrative fees

Custody and administrative expenses are charged daily at a rate of 0.009722% of the cryptocurrency you choose, 

which is equivalent to 1/360 of the annual interest rate of 3.5%.


Asset security is always the most concerned about the easiness of going to power. 

We use long-tested cryptocurrency algorithms to make it easy for us to prevent unauthorized access to secure account assets. 

Bitcoin wallet management requires private key access. This private key is itself AES256 encrypted. 

AES256 is considered by the National Security Agency to be sufficient to protect state-of-the-art confidential data. 

The private key is secure due to multiple copies and geographical distribution of funds in the deposit box. 

Each bank only stores a portion of a key; therefore, if the deposit box is damaged, there will be no financial loss.


Fund investments involve high risks and may not be suitable for all investors. 

The fund cannot guarantee that the investment target will be achieved. 

Investors should recognize that the fund investment will involve considerations not covered by other securities investments. 

Investment funds should not be considered as a complete investment plan by any investor. 

Before investing in a fund, potential investors should consult independent professionals on investment, 

legal and tax advice and note that the investment may not be able to recover the principal.

Dear customers, welcome to use the one-stop trading platform.

If you open your own account, you can open the link 

on your computer or mobile phone

If you need to help register and open an account, 

please provide your passport and your personal valid email address. 

You will be told as soon as possible after opening an account!

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